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I offer Acupressure as a standalone session or as part of AcuReiki sessions.  Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") and works with the flow of chi through the meridians in the body, interfacing between the subtle and the physical, affecting the organ systems and tissues of the body as well as the emotional states associated with them. (It is the same system as acupuncture, but without the needles.)

Gentle to firm finger pressure is applied to specific points and in particular sequences or flows to rebalance and harmonize the meridians (the pathways for chi) and their associated organ systems.  The therapist is able to sense what the chi is doing by holding specific points.  

Acupressure can be very helpful in releasing areas of blocked energy ("chi") in the meridians.  This reduces inflammation and swelling, and supports the optimal functioning of the organ systems and biochemical processes, including the immune system, and the body's repair of damaged tissue.

Benefits of Acupressure

Relief from:

  • Migraine headaches, tension and sinus headaches
  • Digestive disturbances
  • PMS, irregular menses, hormonal imbalance
  • Anxiety, stress, nervousness, dizziness
  • Muscular tension and spasms
  • Lessen, shorten or prevent colds, flu
  • Joint pain, inflammation, pain management
  • Congestion, coughing
  • Skin problems
  • Insomnia, fatigue  

How Acupressure Works
There are 12 meridians associated with the organs of the body, which can be worked with to balance specific organ systems, and the body overall.  There are also the “Extraordinary Vessels,”  deeper flows which are activated by the body when needed. Working with these flows creates global changes at all levels.

I have been certified in both the 12 organ meridian system techniques and the Five Elements theory, and use each in session, depending on what is presenting at the time.  Five Elements not only addresses imbalances in the organ meridians but influences the emotions associated with those meridians.  

Acupressure and Reiki - Acu-Reiki 
I have found that doing Acupressure while holding opening to Reiki enhances the effectiveness of the session. (Photo, right, shows Reiki being done as part of the Head, Neck, Shoulder Release sequence.) The meridian pathways are cleared of blockages and opened, providing relief from muscle tension and pain, and Reiki flows easily through both the subtle pathways and the meridians. Reiki by itself is also very effective. It's all about how best to work with the energy for what you need at that time. (To find out more about Reiki, please click here.)

Regular sessions (even just once a month) assist you with stress and pain management/reduction, and are helpful for health and wellness maintenance (in fact, these techniques are known for it).  Deep relaxation is just one benefit of many, which include rebalancing of the body's energy systems, pain and stress management, and increased energy, along with a state of relaxed focus.  If needed, Muscle Balancing may be used in the session to undo stubborn knots.

Acu Reiki is done through clothing.  No disrobing is necessary. Acupressure sessions can be done as 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions. Please click here for hourly rates.

What to Expect in an AcuReiki Session

The first session will include an in-depth discussion of your medical history and current concerns, and I will do a standard TCM assessment by holding and "listening to" your pulses, take a quick look at your tongue, in addition to evaluating your overall well-being. (Subsequent sessions include a brief TCM assessment and check-in.)

Usually, clients start face down on the table, and some basicTui Na massage is done to open up the Bladder channels that run alongside the spine.  This softens and prepares the muscle tissue, and increases overall circulation.  Then I press and hold "shu" points along the Bladder channel with their associated distal source points to get a sense of which ones are congested or deficient.

Once the Bladder channel is clear, I will check your pulses again. Then I might hold points for specific effects, or do a sequence to work with the organ meridians that are indicated in the assessment. You might feel warmth, tingling, or heat in one or more areas, and might feel chi moving through the meridians.  

Receiving Acupressure is relaxing, and helps reduce the effects of stress. 

(A note about herbs:  Although I have been trained in the use of Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic herbs, my training is not nearly as extensive as an acupuncturist or Ayurvedic Physician would have received.  If I feel that herbs would be useful, I will refer you to a qualified practitioner.  Please see the Resources/Favorite Links page.)

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If you have any questions about AcuReiki sessions, please contact me at or (530) 219-0136.  I am happy to answer your questions.


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