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Benefits of Reiki


 Benefits of Reiki

What is it?  Reiki  ("Ray-Key") translates as "Spiritual Energy" or "Universal Life Energy" and in my experience is a more subtle form of energy than "chi."  It is the whole and complete life force from which duality and the physical plane (yin and yang) emerge.  Because everything is made of energy, everything also consists of Reiki.  "Reiki" also more commonly refers to the Japanese system of meditative practices developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s based on his personal experience with Reiki and a life-long study of meditation and martial arts.  Reiki helps the body to heal itself by providing it with nourishing energy.  

Reiki is an ideal complementary therapy for those recovering from surgery, physical injury and trauma, or who are physically fragile because your body takes and uses the optimal amount of Reiki for you at that time.  

I am currently offering non-local Reiki sessions, which means I share Reiki with you without being in the same room or with any physical contact. Reiki is not limited to just the physical dimension - it exists and moves through all of our layers: emotional, mental, and spiritual, and will flow where it's most needed. Even though I won't be in the room with you physically, you will still be able to rest in Reiki, to encourage and support your body's own innate healing wisdom.


In a Nutshell:  
Reiki helps the body to heal itself by providing it with nourishing energy  It is unique from most other systems in that the energy will be pulled to where it's most needed, and the practitioner doesn't manipulate it for a specific result.  Anything we do, such as acupuncture, herbs, pharmaceuticals, surgery, etc., all have the goal of assisting the body's amazing ability to heal itself. Reiki complements other healing and medicinal systems beautifully. 


Benefits of Reiki 

  • Relief of stress, tension and hypertension;
  • Reduction of anxiety to achieve a deep, restful calm;
  • Calming the mind and emotions;
  • Immune system support;
  • Increased circulation, allowing muscles to relax;
  • Relief of headaches and insomnia; and
  • Balancing the chakra systems.

Reiki can also:

  • Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy;
  • Ease the transition between life and death; and
  • Rebalance and in ways that enhance spiritual development, expand awareness, and support mental and emotional clarity. 

Reiki supports healing and personal/spiritual development by focusing on several elements:

  1. The Reiki Precepts
  2. Visualization and Meditation practices
  3. Hands-on practice for oneself and to share with others
  4. Symbols and Mantras
  5. Attunements, Reiju (blessing)

If you are interested in having a non-local Reiki session, please contact me to set up a time.  Payment is in advance via PayPal or credit card. 

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, please see my Reiki Classes page.

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                                                  The Five Reiki Precepts

                                                    Just for today... 
                                                     Do not anger. 
                                                     Do not worry. 
                                                     Be humble. 
                                                     Be honest in your work.
Be compassionate to yourself and others. 

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