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Services and Rates

Distance (NonLocal) Reiki
Sessions are tailored to meet your specific concerns. The core emphasis in these sessions is Reiki,but can also include brief guided meditation leading into your Reiki experience, self-help acupressure instruction, and/or Ayurveda Lifestyle Counseling follow-up.
30 minutes   ($75) 
(Not for first-time session, okay for current clients.)
45 minutes  ($85)
60 minutes ($95)
75 minutes ($100)
90 minutes ($110)

Distance Reiki for Animals 
15 minutes            $30
30 minutes            $45
45 minutes            $50
60 minutes            $55
75 minutes            $60
90 minutes            $65

Payment can be made in advance of the appointment and processed after the session. Or you can use my "Payment Page" to pay via PayPal or credit card after the session. 

Ayurveda Lifestyle Counseling
I offer Ayurveda Lifestyle Counseling as part of Reiki appointments, not as a stand-alone session.  It's an introduction to basic Ayurvedic principles and how integrating them into your lifestyle can support your overall health.  




Offsite:  Reiki for Animals
Reiki session at your home for your pets to relax and enjoy Reiki.  Because of Covid concerns, sessions can be done outside, weather permitting.  If indoors, masks must be worn.  Animals receive Reiki according to their comfort level (proximity or hands-on).  (Please see below for travel time & expenses fees.)  (My travel costs have increased due to rising fuel costs.)

30 minutes       $45
45 minutes       $50
60 minutes       $55
75 minutes       $60 (multiple cats)
90 minutes       $70 (multiple cats)
2 hours            $85 (multiple cats)

Add travel time rates (all from Vacaville)
$15     10-15 miles 
$20     16 - 20 miles 
$25     21 - 25 miles 
$30     26 - 30 miles 
$35     31 - 55 miles 
$40     56 - 60 miles 

Purchasing Sessions as Gifts 
Because health status of all involved can change so quickly nowadays, I don't offer gift certificates as suchbut you are welcome to pay for your friend or loved one's session just prior to the session or on the day of.  Please contact me for details.


Accepted Payment Methods 
Payment is due at time of session or in advance and can be made using the link on my Payment page via your credit card or PayPal.
Cash is not accepted at this time.














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