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Services and Rates

Please note that my focus is on women's health concerns and stress management.  I accept male clients by referral only.

Payment methods:  Cash, check, Paypal/credit cards, at time of session.


New!  Wellness Package - 3 sessions which include Ayurveda Lifestyle Counseling, Acupressure, Reiki and essential oils.  This is an ideal way to introduce yourself to the benefits of these highly effective techniques to support and maintain wellness at all levels - body, mind & spirit.  The Wellness Package is priced at a 15% discount.  

Discount for Students and Seniors - $5 off any session.
(Students must be enrolled full-time; senior discount begins at age 65.)
Office Sessions 
AcuReiki Essence©
A lovely combination of Acupressure, Reiki, and use of high-quality essential oils applied to specific points to relieve tension, restore vitality, regulate the flow of chi and nourish the channels.

90 minutes           $90 
75 minutes           $85
60 minutes           $80

Sessions can include use of a formula especially created for you following your first appointment, to be used at home to continue the work done in session and at your next appointment.  I do not sell essential oils or formulas as such, but include the cost of their use in session as part of the session rate.   For sessions using one expensive oil, this adds $5 to the cost; two expensive oils adds $10.  (To find out more about different sessions using custom formulas, please click here.)

30 minutes     $55
45 minutes     $65
60 minutes     $75
75 minutes     $80
90 minutes     $85

Please note:  Initial appointments for Acu-Reiki sessions include an in-depth client intake where we review your medical history and current concerns in addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine assessments, which may take from 15 - 30 minutes, so your first appointment might be longer than subsequent sessions. If essential oils are added to an AcuReiki session, the cost of the session increases by $5.


$50     30 minutes
$60     45 minutes

$70     60 minutes

Distance Reiki for People and Animals
$15 for first 15 minutes (minimum session), then $10 per 15 minute time blocks. Payment is made in advance.

Warm Stone Massage
Available November through April only.  This profoundly relaxing session is one of the best ways to ground and center yourself during cold, rainy, and foggy weather, combining the heat and weight of the stones with Swedish/Esalen massage and targeted deeper tissue work.  (If essential oils are added to this session, add $5 to the cost.)  Please click here for more information about Warm Stone Massage.

75 minutes     $100
90 minutes     $120

Ayurveda Lifestyle Counseling
Initial consult:   60 minutes   $60            
Follow up consultations:  60 minutes: $50          30 minutes: $25         15 minutes     $15
Initial session is considered a standalone appointment; follow up check-in appointments can be scheduled just prior to bodywork appointments. 

Offsite:  Reiki for Animals and Their People
Reiki session at your home for you and your pets to relax and enjoy Reiki. People receive hands-on Reiki seated in a chair or relaxing on their couch; pets receive Reiki according to their comfort level (proximity or hands-on).  (Please see below for travel time & expenses fees.)

30 minutes       $40
45 minutes       $45
60 minutes       $50
75 minutes       $55
90 minutes       $60
105 minutes     $70 (multiple cats)
120 minutes     $90 (multiple cats)

Add travel time rates:
$10     Davis and Woodland
$15     Within 10-15 miles of Davis (includes Vacaville, Sacramento)
$20     Within 16 - 20 miles from Davis
$25     Within 21 - 25 miles from Davis
$30     26 - 30+ miles from Davis (Orangevale, Citrus Heights, etc.)
(For longer travel times, add $5 for each 5 additional miles.)

(With your vet's permission, I could also share Reiki with your pet at your vet's office.)  Click here for a detailed description of a typical Reiki for animals session.   

Long Distance Reiki for Animals
15 minutes   $15

30 minutes   $20
45 minutes   $40
60 minutes   $50

Distance Reiki appointments for animals are set in advance for a minimum of 15 minutes. 

Methods of payment
Cash or checks (with personal ID) are preferred methods of payment.  There is now an option to pay with credit cards via PayPal on my website.  Please contact me for the URL. Payment is expected at the time of in-person service, and in advance of distance Reiki sessions. 

Purchasing Sessions as Gifts
You are cordially invited to purchase sessions for your friends, family, and co-workers!  However, AcuReiki Healing Arts does not issue gift certificates as such or require that you purchase a gift session in advance.  This is because of the potential complicated accounting, potential for lost certificates, and sometimes long-term recordkeeping involved.   

If you would like to purchase a session for someone, please contact me ahead of time to obtain one of my business cards and/or brochure that you can then insert into a card envelope for presentation to your recipient.  The recipient of the gift then contacts me to set an appointment, and you can make arrangements for payment at the time of the session.  (This can be done with a check or cash put inside a sealed envelope which is then brought to the appointment by the recipient, or even more convenient, I can provide you with the URL for my website payment page and you can pay just prior to or on the day of the appointment. 
This way, you enjoy the benefit of the presentation of the gift, and the money is actually spent when the gift is used.  If your recipient decides against a session, then you still have your money which can be spent on another gift.













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